Tuesday, August 28, 2018

What problems are NPSL Pro trying to solve?

Earlier today Daniel Workman released Episode 23 of his daily Soccer Works podcast and he finished it off with this quote...
"It will take compromise, huge amounts of hard work, complete commitment to the cause, and the unification around a plan and a project. It will require an all or nothing commitment and must focus on the participation and prosperity of clubs and not leagues."

That quote was so perfect to me... I had already been thinking about NPSL Pro, its ramifications, and what is really possible from it. I sent out a few tweets with those thoughts.

To add some clarity to what I mean from these tweets...

1. It is important to know if NPSL is trying to actually change how soccer works in this country or are they just trying to create a league outside of the harmful PLS pro league standards system?

2. NISA by working to be a USSF D3 league they have by default agreed that they are not the equivalent and have no desire to be the top league in the nation. They have also agreed to play by the rules that the PLS lay out... and the ramifications of them. By operating outside of this PLS system the NPSL has the ability to allow their clubs to grow to their maximum level without adhering to the rules that currently stop them from doing so. They WANT to disrupt the system by doing this.

3. NPSL has a chance to do everything soccer fans have wanted to see... Training Compensation and Solidarity Payments, Open League System, Fan Ownership, Youth Soccer reform, governance transparency, actual FIFA compliance, and more... ground breaking stuff for sport in America. NPSL can be visionary... they can change how sports work in this nation.

4. In my and others opinions they absolutely have to think this big to win.

5. The people will be the best grassroots marketing campaign ever. Soccer fans WANT this change. If you think the #ProRelForUSA discussion is loud now... just wait and see what it looks like if NPSL actually delivers system reform.

6. If NPSL is trying to deliver basically NASL but without the PLS hindrances... if it is just trying to compete against UPSL... if it is just more of the same... more leagues... more closed off expansion fee plans... more of the same things that have been tried just without the PLS problems... I'm sorry to say that incremental change is not what we need right now. We need massive change. We need bold visionary leadership... something that the USSF has not delivered on in our lifetimes.

Yes, all of this is going to take a huge amount of work in a short amount of time. I am wishing the best to come of all of this and I really hope that NPSL leadership is able to deliver what soccer in the United States really needs right now.

Good luck. We are depending on you.


  1. As a Cosmos fan, soccer fan and NPSL fan, I want this to happen as much as I've ever wanted anything sports related in my entire life. This would be the best thing to happen to soccer in this country since the original NASL.

  2. I assume someone has told you that you have volleyball drawings in your soccer works logo. Nitpicky, but it would be better if you used the correct depiction.