Sunday, March 4, 2018

USSF strategic plan.

Yesterday I participated in the WVSA AGM and it was pretty much what was expected... a group of people who really care about soccer at the local level meeting up and doing what they think is best for soccer in the state.

Something I have been thinking about all day today though is the fact that the WVSA operates in a vacuum. The state association has little to no direction from the USSF.

I have never seen a USSF strategic plan, I have never heard any discussion about one, and the state associations never discuss how what they are doing works to accomplish the stated goals of the USSF strategic plan.

A strategic plan at the top would focus the energy, resources, and time of everyone in the organization at every level in the same direction. It also would add accountability...

How do we know if we are doing a good job? How can we all have a discussion as a soccer nation on the direction we are heading if we don't have goals? How can we judge if the boards of the USSF and our state associations are doing a good job if we aren't working toward any overarching strategic goals?

A public strategic plan would also allow a discussion about where do we actually want to end up?

Write it down.

Let everybody talk about it.

Let us figure out if we agree with it or not.



  1. This absolutely needs to happen. But I think the USSF needs to be completely gutted of their ineffective and corrupt executives before anything will ever start to change.

    A shared vision that everyone can get behind and build together would be the perfect way to put U.S Soccer really on the map. And not just because of all of the money these corrupt people are making of soccer here in the states.