Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Hey soccer media can we see the 990 from CA2016?

With Sunil Gulati being removed as Bid Committee Chairman today and Carlos Cordiero taking 1/3rd of his place... I was reminded of some questions that I would LOVE to have answered concerning former USSF President Gulati and current President Carlos Cordiero's potential involvement in a company owned and operated by USSF. (this should have said CA2016 Local Organizing Committee LLC)

We know CA LOC2016 paid the $50M from the USSF 990 that they filed...

Then this website says that this company makes between 100M and 500M in revenue.

Hopefully we can have some follow up questions from the US soccer media to find some answers out about this company as well.

There is plenty to find out... from what we've seen about the USSF relationship with SUM that has already been uncovered, I think it is safe to say that many people would find this relationship an interesting subject as well.

Who is involved?
How much were they paid?
What does the SUM contract look like?
Who negotiated it?
Who approved it?
Does the USSF board have oversight concerning this subsidiary corporation?
Who all is employed by this corporation?
Why was this corporation used to negotiate and administer this Copa America deal?

I'm sure you can come up with some more questions... 

Speak up on social media and use the #ReformUSSF and #ProRelForUSA hashtags when talking to your favorite soccer media members about your desire to read more about the subject.

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