Friday, February 19, 2016

Chicago Tribune article calls for #ProRelForUSA

I've made posts in the past about the rapid growth of the #ProRelForUSA Open Pyramid movement... recently writer John Kass authored an article in one of the largest news papers in the nation, the Chicago Tribune, touting the virtues of a second club for Chicago playing in the NASL to compete with the existing MLS Chicago Fire branch outfit and promotion and relegation.

This isn't the first (or likely last) article from a writer in a city with interests in MLS to write a great piece such as this one. Last year Andy Furillo penned a great piece in the Sacramento Bee letting us know "It's time for promotion and relegation".


With every article in a mainstream media sports section the Open Pyramid movement starts to look more and more like the shift in opinion sports fans saw concerning the college football bowl system. The arguments of "this is the way its always been done" and "there it too much money in bowls" rapidly changed due to message boards, social media and writers sticking their nose out there and advocating for a radical change to a playoff system.

It just took people calling for it... raising their collective voices until it was undeniable that it was going to be a money maker for the decision makers and things changed.  If 100 plus years of college football bowl going tradition can be changed by the NCAA in a few short years then a few short years of MLS history can be changed by the USSF in the blink of an eye.

Continue to speak up... join the conversation online by using the #ProRelForUSA hashtag. Let your voice be heard!

Monday, February 8, 2016

How does NASL's attendance stack up against 2nd Divisions world wide?

Earlier today I was perusing my Twitter timeline and saw a very interesting graph from Mike Pendleton about NASL's attendance. I had actually never thought of asking this question before... you see NASL vs MLS vs D1's in other countries but I had never even thought of looking to see how NASL stacked up vs some of the top D2's in the world.

It is interesting to think of the US having a stronger D2 than Mexico and basically equal to France attendance wise and not too far behind Italy and Spain.

Every day if you follow the Open Pyramid discussion on social media you will see the argument made that "we just aren't ready" and that our D2 "Isn't strong enough yet". Well according to this metric we are just as ready as some of the greatest soccer nations in the world.

I would love to hear your opinion in the comments or by using the #ProRelForUSA hashtag on Twitter and Facebook.