Friday, June 29, 2018

Why covering the USSF Audited Financials is important.

On June 27th I posted a series of tweets with links to a bunch of my older articles trying to give some background information to those new to the conversation about the recently released Audited Financials from the USSF...

This story is "something", it absolutely is not "nothing"... the game in this country needs an active press (or at least a couple writers) who keep those in charge honest. Whether these dealings have been against the law or not I don't know for certain. What I do know is that none of this looks good, all of it smells fishy, and there is absolutely no way that how this sport is being governed is producing excellence in any way shape or form.

A couple of years ago basically nobody in the "soccer media" was writing about Soccer United Marketing and even less than that knew what it was in the general soccer public. Today you can at least find something out about it and it has started to enter the conversation. The general soccer public is starting to notice that the two are basically one and the same in the United States. Soccer United Marketing and the USSF... soccer politics... how the game is managed from u4 to the USWNT... it is all tied together... it all matters. The people involved in every way with the game deserve to know what is going on.

It is up to the media to let us all know.

Convince your editor to let you write an article about the recently released Audited Financials and the issues concerning them. Let the general soccer public know how much it matters. Let them know there is more to what is going on that the potential next picks for the USMNT manager position.

The game deserves it.


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