Monday, June 25, 2018

Why is nobody writing about the released USSF Financials?

So I just did a few quick google searches to try to find some articles about the USSF Financials that were released about a week ago.

HERE? or maybe HERE will get better results?

Nope... So I can only find a grand total of TWO articles on them from the entirety of the soccer "media". I am using the word "media" very broadly here since one of them was written by me on this blog and one was by Miki Turner on his website.


So how many people out here cover soccer in the United States? Literally none of them wanted to write about the Audited Financials that were such a big deal at the USSF AGM that they were brought up a member of the National Council within minutes of the end of the election?

This post I found on Reddit kind of sums it up nicely.

Maybe after the World Cup games today you can spend a few minutes and do a little digging and write something about the Audited Financials... they are kind of a big deal.

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