Saturday, June 2, 2018

YOU are the USSF

I've been thinking about this all day...

It is important to remember this. The State Adult and Youth Associations that make up the national council and the other organizations involved at that level are USSF. Not the people on the Board of Directors, not the President of the Federation, not the senior staff... the national council... the MEMBERS are the USSF!

I know all of us involved in governance of soccer in this country at whatever level we are involved... whether we are on a board of a local club, a league, the state board, a national board or committee... it is easy for us to fall in to the trap of only thinking about our personal issues we face in our organization that we are a member of and down. We MUST start to think of our place UP the chain of command. What can we do as members of our club board do to help the entirety of local youth or adult soccer not just our club. What can we as league board members do for our league AND state. What can us state board members do to help with the needs of our state AND nationally.

We all have a job to do that requires looking both internally and externally. We all are members of a larger organization. Clubs are members of leagues. Leagues make up the state. States make up the Federation. The Federations make up the regional confederations... who make up FIFA.

It is all tied together. We have to start thinking of it that way and acting like it.

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