Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How the USSF's Professional League Standards hinder reform

A common refrains from anti-#ProRelForUSA advocates is..

They just need to start doing Pro/Rel if they really want to do it. Thing about that is... the USSF's Professional League Standards (PLS) make it not possible to pull off movement of clubs up and down the ladder of D1/D2/D3 as it is currently structured by the USSF.

In my opinion and others (READ THIS GREAT MIDFIELD PRESS ARTICLE and THIS ONE)  it is going to take working outside of the USSF PLS system to start to create a pyramid based on merit. Hopefully those with the money to make it happen finally can see what so many of us have known for a long time. The system is rigged against those who want to see results matter more than expansion fees.

Keep speaking up on social media and in the stands! Make sure you use the #ProRelForUSA hashtag every time you engage in a reform minded conversation so that others can see and join in!

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