Monday, January 14, 2019

We need a plan... now.

Followers of this blog and my social media account have seen me say this repeatedly. Soccer in the United States is aimlessly floating along with no plan... 10 years ago Sunil Gulati said "Maybe 10 years down the road". It has been 10 years. We still don't have a plan.

We have a multitude of issues that all need addressed if we ever hope to get to the top of the world game...

It is frustrating to sit back and watch time slip by knowing that every day we don't have a plan forward we fall further and further behind those who DO have a plan. Pushing needed reforms down the road with no concrete plan on how to get there is... well, it appears to be being done to stall and delay any actual reform efforts.

We need a plan and we need it now.

Continue to advocate for the changes that we need. All of them.


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