Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Don't allow any more excuses from USSF

We are not going to the World Cup.

I'm pissed. I'm angry. I'm embarrassed. I always knew this was possible but I never thought it would actually happen.

For YEARS now we've all been told by those who support the status quo that "we're fine", "we're growing", and "everything is going just as it should".

IT IS NOT!!!!!

Please do not listen to Bruce Arena and Sunil Gulati.

We need massive reform and we need it immediately. Incremental change is not going to cut it.

We need an Open Pyramid to push player development to the forefront. Read more HERE, HERE, and HERE.

We need 1000s of clubs pushing for the top. We need to reward those who are innovative, investing, developing players, creating culture, and winning on the field.

We need to call for it every day. We all need to put pressure on USSF.

We need our soccer media to actively follow the NASL Anti-Trust Case and the CAS case. We need the general public to know that these are big deals.

We need every Supporter Group in the United States to stand up for their club and call for #ProRelForUSA. Join the 30 who already have.

Those who have been selling the status quo have to be questioned. Why have they been doing it? Fear? Personal gain? We need to see new leadership within USSF. If you are a voter at the upcoming AGM and you vote to continue with the status quo. You are a part of the problem too.

We need change. It starts with us. Don't let USSF continue to let us down. Speak up. 

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