Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The pot is coming to a boil

As we've discussed before... eventually the conversation is going to change from "should we..." to "When we..." about #ProRelForUSA.

Today we saw both World Soccer Talk and Top Drawer Soccer both put out excellent articles touting the need for total system reform that includes an Open Pyramid.


U.S. Soccer is held back by the closed market that has kept the Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise owners happy, but the rest of the sport hindered for over two decades. A closed market that provides a safety net to encourage mediocrity and punish greatness. It’s the antithesis of growth and success. It stands against everything that the American dream represents.


We can all argue the pros and cons of a promotion/relegation system in the United States, but as long as there’s a closed system like we have in MLS, it breeds uncompetitiveness. When there are teams in MLS that know no matter how bad they perform that there will always be a next season in the top flight, teams (coaches, players and management) can become complacent.

The St Louligans blog also had a wonderful piece today that I feel you should take a few minutes and read as well. 

Now lets add Taylor Twellman going on every show on ESPN dropping gems like this one...

The conversation has changed this week.  We've all seen new voices join in this conversation and be much more straight forward with their calls for reform. Keep sharing and keep the pressure building.

The time to say "I told you so..." is not right now. Right now we need to keep encouraging every new voice to continue to speak up. Point them toward writers, bloggers, and podcasters who want to see reform. To help keep turning the heat up... the first bubbles are starting on the bottom of the pot right now.

Will we have a roiling pot of enough voices so that at the USSF AGM we will see a new President of USSF elected who is going to push through an agenda of change?

I think we will...

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