Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Closed league team stability is a farce

The title says it all.

The idea that there is an extra layer of team stability provided by MLS for a community is a farce. It is a sham. It is a lie built upon the corpses of dead teams all over this country.

An original MLS team, the Columbus Crew, the team who's stadium has provided some of the greatest wins in USMNT history, they are moving to Austin Texas. This myth that somehow being a member of MLS provided fans in Columbus some layer of stability that an Open Pyramid wouldn't have has been yet again shown to be untrue. The city of Columbus and Crew fans have now been shown the the ugly truth about this stability just like Chivas USA fans, Tampa Bay Mutiny fans, and Miami Fusion fans were. If we look at all it is not hard to find dozens and dozens of other teams from leagues big and small from all across the country who have folded or moved as well.

How could your team being moved to another city possibly be better than it being relegated? How could it being contracted possibly be better than it being relegated? How can your club disappearing because of financial difficulties instead of being relegated to a low enough level where it can survive and rebuild be better? How can any of this be better for the soccer community in this country? How can ANY OF THIS be helping build soccer culture?

We've already had a great article by Jake Steinberg discuss how having an Open Pyramid featuring #ProRelForUSA would help protect cities from teams relocating and rent-seeking. We already know the idea that most clubs fold or go bankrupt upon relegation is a myth.

Can we finally admit that the myth that "Closed leagues provide stability because teams can't be relegated" is a utter farce.

Join in and speak up for your community, for your club, and for your fellow fan. Call for #ProRelForUSA.

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