Sunday, January 28, 2018

The time is now to speak up for Eric Wynalda

If you actually want to see change in American soccer and not just bitch on Twitter/Facebook/Reddit or your other favorite medium for bitching.

You will write.

You will publish.

You will share. 

We have 2 weeks until the USSF Presidential election.

Publishing once per week is the MINIMUM level of content creation. More is better. Creating other content in addition to these articles is even better. But, these need to be articles explaining why we NEED Eric Wynalda's platform to be implemented... not bashing the other candidates.

Voters need to be shown why his platforms ideas are what is needed... how they will help our state associations both adult and youth, the lower levels of soccer, the grassroots game nationwide, youth soccer, the national teams, ALL the national teams, and really the game in totality in this nation.

The rubber HAS TO HIT THE ROAD right now!

We as reform advocates have never in the last 25+ years had the opportunity that is at hand to be the positive force for change that the game needs in this country.

It is up to us... we must do something about it.... Twitter interactions ARE NOT ENOUGH. As much as we would like to think it is... we must remember, the idea of alone isn't going to be enough of an argument for a sizeable percentage of USSF voters. Many people don't understand its effects on the whole of the soccer community/culture it would have...  so we need to make the case to the VOTERS that they need to vote for the change that Eric Wynalda's platform will deliver.

Please start writing. Start publishing. We have two weeks to make our case. 


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