Monday, January 29, 2018

Carlos Cordeiro makes the case to not vote for him.

Carlos Cordeiro sent out an email to potential voters earlier today that Chris Kivlehan of Midfield Press released on Twitter.

Carlos admittedly holds several important positions concerning the future of the World Cup Bid for the United States. I think it is safe to assume with his love for soccer in the United States that he will not step down from these positions if he loses out on his bid to become President of USSF. Knowing this, for the betterment of the entirety of the soccer in this country, we need him to focus on these jobs and deliver the World Cup to American soil.

With Carlos's focus firmly on winning the World Cup bid the next President will then be relieved of the burden of having to jump in and learn this very important set of jobs and can focus on the equally important aspects of reforming the system from day one. We need to not neglect either set of jobs and having the strongest team possible involved in the administration of soccer in this country is vitally important.

Eric Wynalda has proposed the most comprehensive plan to reform soccer in this country. Pairing his platform with Cordeiro's ability to deliver the World Cup is a win/win for American soccer.


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