Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The problems that Jurgen Klinsmann addressed at the 2010 World Cup for the US still exist today

Just listen to current USMNT Head Coach and Technical Director Jurgen Klinsmann speak on what the issue with the national team was at the 2010 World Cup ... and how to fix it.

One of my favorite soccer writers Jon Townsend (who is a must follow on Twitter) speaks on these very issues much more capably that I am able to in his new piece "Shattering the Broken Cycle" on FarPostFooty ...

The crux of the problem is open access to the game. What the means is the demolition of the current American system. Right now, too many young players and families are priced out of the game in a pyramid that is not only closed, but also upside-down. In the United States, some of the best players with the most potential are systematically priced out the game before a competent coach can even begin to help them develop. This is true for boys and girls, men and women. The number of players that hang up the boots at 22 is alarming. There are simply not enough professional teams to create a healthy and robust professional culture.

Thinking about these broad issues always brings me to a few questions, including... What exactly has changed since the 2010 World Cup systemically to fix the issues? and...  Who is fighting against these changes that are currently and for years have so obviously been needed in the United States?

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