Saturday, January 17, 2015

In depth interview of Gary Kleiban by John Pranjic

A great interview by John Pranjic on his blogs podcast of Gary Kleiban of 3Four3 coaching that is must listen material for any individual interested on a high level coach's take on the US soccer landscape.

One interesting item among MANY is that there were multiple other investment groups vying for the MLS's LAFC franchise rights. This has now led to how many millions of dollars of potential "soccer investment" in the US to sit on the sidelines? This number could literally be 100's of millions of dollars in California alone... In how many other major markets has this lack of access to the top level sidelined major money that investors would willingly invest in to the game in the United States? Is this how we want the USSF to run our pyramid, closing off major investment?

Please visit John's blog, Gary's website and join in on the discussion in the comments and on Twitter using the #ProRelForUSA hashtag!

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