Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Disenfranchisement at the USSF AGM

The absolute last thing I expected to see at the 2019 USSF AGM was the disenfranchisement of soccer coaches and military members.... but that is exactly what we all saw.

Let's take it back a just one step. Just a few minutes earlier a by-law change was passed that gave the Athlete Council 4 year terms instead of 2 year terms and allowed members of the Athlete Council to complete their terms even after their time when eligible to participate had ended.

The first item of business that the newly empowered Athlete Council did was the move to continue the disenfranchisement of the United Soccer Coaches and the 50,000 military members playing on 800 bases world wide.

That is EXACTLY what Chris Aherns moved to do... continue the disenfranchisement of over 80,000 coaches and active duty military members.

Currently these coaches and military members are represented by an At Large member of the USSF board but they are not allowed to vote on who represents them. The Athlete Council moved to continue this disenfranchisement of these members of the soccer community for at least 1 more year.

Why they did this? I have no idea...

What I do know is that if the Pro Council and Athlete Council chose to vote for the disenfranchisement of the coaches and active duty military players worldwide... which it appears was what happened.... then almost the entire rest of the body of USSF voted for inclusion.

Even now... days later.

I am still pissed.

Please speak up. Please run for offices in your local club, league, and state. We need change. Radical change.


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