Tuesday, November 14, 2017

New Haven Travel and Sunil Gulati

So there have been these long lasting rumors that Sunil Gulati and Chuck Blazer owned New Haven Travel and were using their positions in USSF and CONCACAF to funnel money to their own pockets... maybe even to launder money...

People have looked for information. They are still looking for information.

Brooke Tunstall even put a lot of it back out there on Twitter recently in this series of tweets.

When you Google New Haven Travel... you get next to no results. Which is amazing for a company that has been around for this long and so involved in soccer at a high level in this country that they sponsored an MLS Award in their name in 2008.

and on top of that were the official travel agency for the USSF and MLS...

Just weird that so many people think there is something to see here... there just is so little information about the company on the internet... they were involved in so much soccer "stuff"... nobody in soccer wants to go on record and speak about it.

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