Monday, July 24, 2017

Interesting MLS quote about the $4B media rights #ProRelForUSA offer

Multiple reports have circulated today stating that MLS has turned down a $4B media rights offer from Ricardo Silva's international media company MP & Silva that included a stipulation that #ProRelForUSA was started in the United States.


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MLS Executive VP of Communications is quoted by Jeff Carlisle of ESPN as saying:

This quote says something very intriguing to me. MLS deals directly with its broadcast partners because it, for various reasons, is "required for a successful partnership".

Why does USSF not directly deal with its broadcast partners but use the MLS subsidiary company Soccer United Marketing (SUM) to negotiate its broadcast deals? We've asked questions before about USSF offering a subsidy to MLS that it does not to other leagues in the US pyramid. Today we have MLS coming out and stating that not negotiating directly with your broadcast partners is just plain old bad business.

Maybe it is time for our American soccer media to really start to ask the tough questions about this USSF/MLS/SUM relationship.

Even MLS is now on record saying that they think its crazy to use an intermediary to negotiate a media deal.

Let us know in the comment section or on social media what you think about this media rights deal offer and MLS's response to it. Make sure you tag all of your conversations with the #ProRelForUSA hashtag!


  1. BS. Money talks. Just like money talked when FIFA changed from the 32 team format (the one thing FIFA did RIGHT) for 48 teams, and we all know it's for the US/Mexico/Canada bid only in a shameful money-grab.

    IF China somehow decided it wanted to bid on the 2026 WC, and flat-out publicly bribed FIFA with $5 BILLION, do you think petty little rules about bid rotations will stop FIFA?

    Please. Money talks.

    It's clear The MLS will NEVER put in pro-rel. Not faux-rel. Not any kind of rel. They are in brazen violation of FIFA rules and FIFA don't care because money.

    Silva should follow my advice on my Twitter @UnitedStatesFA. I OWN the domains,,,,, and, and the respective domains. I will GIVE them all up if they bolt USSF and form a new United States FA for a new American Premier League.

  2. They are protecting the National Fat League. Once you understand the NFL runs soccer, you understand why Garber turned down this money.

  3. No rules, no consistency. Just lying, ad hoc decision making and good, old graft and corruption.