Monday, December 28, 2015

Soccer just isn't that popular

Ever since the start of this blog I've been interested in providing links that help people get to debunking the varied myths surrounding the "Why it won't work..." arguments closed system zealots like to use on social media every day... like the "soccer just isn't that popular in the US yet" one that is debunked with this great piece...

Soccer Isn’t Popular in the US Because the Wrong People Watch it


Also remember that clubs and leagues at every level outside of the MLS have came out in favor of #ProRelForUSA (even in Canada) and their supporters groups (HERE and HERE for the supporters group alliance) and fans are solidly in support of the movement as well as this FC Edmonton poll shows. It's not some "Tinfoil brigade" of just a few radical fans on twitter... We are the MAJORITY of fans in the United States in every single poll that has been done ever since the start of this blog. I could post a new poll result every week and the results are always the same...


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