Friday, March 27, 2015

What would a stadium failure do in Minnesota?

We all saw the pomp surrounding the "Promotion" of Minnesota United from NASL to MLS recently...

What was not discussed much was the fact that MLS leadership put a timeline on items that must be met before they are officially allowed to invest in MLS LLC including a Soccer Specific Stadium financing plan in place for downtown Minneapolis.

Commissioner Don Garber has circled July on the calendar. That's when he wants Minnesota United FC's stadium plans -- specifically the financing -- in place for an expansion franchise.
If that happens, Garber said Wednesday, a Minnesota MLS team could start playing in 2017. If it doesn't happen ...
"We would then, as an ownership group, take a step back and decide whether we wanted to come to Minnesota," Garber said.
"We have other options around the country, some of which with very detailed soccer-stadium plans, and we would have to make that decision at that time."


As polling is showing right now the citizens of Minnesota are initially appearing, by a wide margin, to not be interested in using state funds to build a SSS for Minnesota United.

What happens if the stadium deal does not come to fruition and MLS pulls its offer to let the MnU ownership group invest in MLS LLC? Does community support for a thriving NASL franchise dry up without the carrot of "promotion" to the top tier of soccer in the United States?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. This is great news for citizens that don't want to be strong armed by sports people who'll reap all the benefits and leave the cities to foot the bill. This is also great for Soccer, in that it's NOT about building from the roof down, But it is essential to build from the foundation up. MLS is not the vehicle that will put Soccer on the map. MLS is Packard Motors thinking it can just come in and bring its version of the beautiful game. The Beautiful Game needs to be owned by fans, not a bunch of suits who think they know what's best for the Game.