Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stefan Szymanski of Soccernomics speaks on the status of MLS

For those of you who don't know who Stefan Szymanski is and why you should care what he thinks.  Szymanski's work includes over fifty academic publications, six books, and an international consultancy for clubs, federations, and governments alike.

He said ...

Part of the problem here is the contrast between the profits of owners versus the long-term health of the league. If you really wanted to create a major league sport, what you would do is just open everything up to competition, create a promotion and relegation system, bring in billionaires and say, "build your own team." I think, in a small number of years, you would see that develop into a dynamic, very exciting structure. The U.S. would be very good at attracting those kinds of individuals.

among quite a few other very intersting in his great interview on HudsonRiverBlue.com that can be READ IN ITS ENTIRETY HERE.  

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