Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What would we do about lower division clubs who cant handle being promoted?

I feel a portion of the mission of this blog is to debunk some of the myths and answer the regular questions surrounding if the US is ready for an Open Pyramid that features Promotion and Relegation.

A common refrain you hear from those who are either leery about what an open pyramid would bring or are just trying to sort through their thoughts about the subject is that "too many lower division teams are not ready to be promoted, we need to wait to have stronger lower divisions" and as was even asked in the comments on THIS ARTICLE on the opening of the Dutch pyramid "Will they be forced to move up against their will?"

In England and many other nations these very issues have already been addressed with a pretty straight forward solution. Before each season every club who wishes to be promoted must apply for promotion, have their stadium, financials etc be audited to make sure they meet the minimum standards of the higher division and then only if they pass each of those tests AND reach the Top 3 in the standings will they be promoted to the next level.

It is a very easy solution to the worry about teams being promoted who do not wish to be or are not structurally ready as a club to be promoted.

Do you think this system of promotion sounds like it will collapse the lower divisions or strengthen them as clubs ramp up investment, development and support to make a run at the next higher division? We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject in the comments on on twitter (use the #ProRelForUSA hashtag!).

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