Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Let's speculate about a #ProRelForUSA timeline

Since yesterdays $4B media rights offer from MP and Silva discussions about opening the American pyramid have been happening like never before. As can be expected with such a hot topic, sources are starting to leak more information about the deal.

As Bob Williams explains in this series of tweets...

He goes on to explain that of the $4B over 10 years he is being told that $80m per year could make its way to lower division teams and the inclusion of solidarity and parachute payments would be included in this new way to structure the American pyramid. 
His sources are also saying that the offer was most assuredly serious and that this offer is just the beginning of a path to an open pyramid not the final offer. One of the most intriguing pieces of these leaks to Mr. Williams is that teams from up and down the current pyramid are already showing interest in finding out more.

This was obviously a play by Ricardo Silva to make the best case scenario happen. Unite the entire pyramid under one umbrella, MLS included. This would also be the end of Co-D2 and the future Co-D3 sanctioned leagues during this creation of one unified pyramid. This bid was dismissed out of hand by MLS

So what possibly is next? 

Before we get to that, let's think back to everything that has already happened. 

1. NPSL begins public discussions of creating a full season league. 
5. NISA league is created. 
7. MP and Silva make $4B bid for media rights to a fully restructured American pyramid. 

Thats where we are today. So now lets do the fun part and speculate about the future for a minute... 

8. NISA releases teams for it's inaugural season.
9. USASA releases D4/5/6 standards and multiple state associations create D5/6 state leagues. 
10. USSF funded DoublePASS development system audit is released that supports claims that an Open Pyramid will help immensely with player development long term. This would be another huge public relations win for the open pyramid movement.
11. Alternate D1/2/3/4/5/6 pyramid is officially mentioned by stakeholders.
12. NASL, NISA, USASA, and USSF begin official work and hammer out the details for a new D6 > D1 open pyramid structure. 
13. A plethora of USL and PDL club owners express interest in participating in new structure. 
14. MP and Silva offers media rights deal to new Alternate Open US Pyramid and US Open Cup. 
15. Media rights offer is extended to USSF to include USMNT, USWNT and USYNT media rights when their current deal with SUM expires as well. 

An infusion of cash (even one not as large as the $4B offered to a pyramid that includes MLS) like what is possible in this scenario radically changes soccer in this country.

A question that needs answered right now is have we gotten through these first 7 steps randomly or is there discussions by many of the stakeholders trying to create this alternate pyramid?

I don't know for sure... but it sure seems that with some collaboration these next 8 can happen and happen much more quickly than many assume.

I would love to hear your opinion on this speculation in the comments or on social media. Make sure you continue to tag all of your open pyramid conversations with the #ProRelForUSA hashtag on all your social media platforms (yesterday was a HUGE day on Twitter for its use by the way!!!).

Monday, July 24, 2017

Interesting MLS quote about the $4B media rights #ProRelForUSA offer

Multiple reports have circulated today stating that MLS has turned down a $4B media rights offer from Ricardo Silva's international media company MP & Silva that included a stipulation that #ProRelForUSA was started in the United States.


READ HERE - Sports Business Daily



MLS Executive VP of Communications is quoted by Jeff Carlisle of ESPN as saying:

This quote says something very intriguing to me. MLS deals directly with its broadcast partners because it, for various reasons, is "required for a successful partnership".

Why does USSF not directly deal with its broadcast partners but use the MLS subsidiary company Soccer United Marketing (SUM) to negotiate its broadcast deals? We've asked questions before about USSF offering a subsidy to MLS that it does not to other leagues in the US pyramid. Today we have MLS coming out and stating that not negotiating directly with your broadcast partners is just plain old bad business.

Maybe it is time for our American soccer media to really start to ask the tough questions about this USSF/MLS/SUM relationship.

Even MLS is now on record saying that they think its crazy to use an intermediary to negotiate a media deal.

Let us know in the comment section or on social media what you think about this media rights deal offer and MLS's response to it. Make sure you tag all of your conversations with the #ProRelForUSA hashtag!

Friday, July 21, 2017

NPSL playoff fan engagement poll

Yesterday our friends at Supporter Groups for Promotion and Relegation ran a poll asking about fan engagement concerning the NPSL playoffs and promotion to NISA.

Very simply.

Would you pay more attention to NSPL playoff matches if NISA promotion was on the line?

The results (while unscientific) show that many people would pay even more attention to the matches during the playoffs if more than a trophy was on the line. This results goes hand in hand with what many people have speculated about fan involvement in lower division soccer and #ProRelForUSA.

If the clubs are playing to move up the pyramid... a vast majority of fans will care more and pay more attention to these games "that matter" not just the fans of the specific club playing for the trophy.

Polling data like this suggests that it is in the best interests of lower division club owners to put their league loyalty aside and create a unified pyramid of regional leagues featuring #ProRelForUSA. The more engaged fans of lower division soccer are... the better off everybody in lower division soccer will be. As the saying goes, "A rising tide lifts all boats".

Would love to hear your opinion in the comments or on social media. Make sure you tag the conversation with the #ProRelForUSA hashtag!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What anti-#ProRelForUSA topic has not been debunked?

In the over 100 posts that I've been writing this blog I've touched on quite a few topics...

We've seen some of them be shared enough that they've nearly stopped several items from being used as arguments against the opening of the pyramid. We've seen huge growth of those advocating for an opening of the pyramid. We've even had the pleasure of having a sitting USSF Board member comment on one of our articles on Facebook and in a podcast interview.

Now I need your help though. NO... this is not a post begging for money. I just need your help in continuing to keep writing about the topics that most often pop up.

During your discussions online and in person what topic do you hear the most often that you have not seen addressed by either this blog or by another site?

Hit the comments up and let me know what you would like to see written about!

Continue to use the #ProRelForUSA hashtag on all your social media platforms. Join one of the several Facebook Promotion and Relegation groups out there and follow some of our favorite Twitter people.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Who is challenging those in power?

Jorge Ramos recently did a TED Talk titled "Why Journalists Have An Obligation To Challenge Power". One of the first statements he made struck a chord with me.

I was born in Mexico, but I've spent more than half my life reporting in the United States, a country which was itself created by immigrants. As a reporter and as a foreigner, I've learned that neutrality, silence and fear aren't the best options — not in journalism, nor in life. Neutrality is often an excuse that we journalists use to hide from our true responsibility. What is that responsibility? It is to question and to challenge those in positions of power. That's what journalism is for.

Last night the USMNT squeaked by with a win over Martinique in Gold Cup group stage play. The same Martinique that features a very small 4 tier 57 team pyramid with even its top division being amateur/semi-pro. The same Martinique NT that only has 4 players who do not play in that same top division league as this Bleacher Report Info-graphic points out.

Jordy Delem who has a total of 7 starts in MLS after playing only 16 games in USL last season. Antoine Jean-Bapitste who plays for Villefranche in the 4th Tier of the French pyramid. Anthony Angely who plays for Poitiers in the 2nd Division in France, and Steven Langil who played 6 games last season for Polish 1st Division power Legia Warsaw before being sent back out on loan to his previous club Waasland-Beveren of the Belgian 1st Division.

I saw plenty of hand wringing and worry coming from fans on social media over the way the national team played versus obviously inferior competition regardless of if it was the 'A', 'B', or 'C' team Bruce Arena ran out there to play.

But I also saw Tweets like this from media members.

I also saw a halftime analysis that claims that this "Pressure" was causing problems for the back line of the #USMNT. No questioning of the Bruce Arena installed tactical play of the entire team when under this light pressure.

USMNT Head Coach Bruce Arena was able to make this statement at a Gold Cup press conference...

He was not immediately inundated with follow up questions about players such as Miguel Ibarra who was called up from NASL and performed admirably in his action and last nights savior Jordan Morris who was called up directly from college play at Stanford University. With the tiers of American soccer not being merit based... how can any of us and him especially... act as if lower tier teams can not hold top level players? Why was he not pressured on this topic? Why was he not asked if the lower tiers of US soccer are even being scouted?

Let's add this "MLS Only" way of Bruce Arena thinking to this quote from  Johan Cruyffs' book "My Turn"...

At some point Jurgen Klinsmann was pressured by those in power at USSF to included players from as many franchises in MLS as possible. Klinsmann imploring the best and brightest of young American soccer players to play in top leagues in Europe elicited the ire of MLS Commissioner and USSF Board member Don Garber.

Is Bruce Arena under the same pressure to pick MLS players?

Has anyone asked?

Why has only Jurgen Klinsmann, in the recent history of high level soccer people in this country, put under immense pressure by the media? Was it because he didn't play along with MLS wishes? Was it because he put USSF under pressure with his statements about reforming the entire pyramid in the US? For his wishes to fix the development system? To end Pay to Play?

Every day we can find a new topic to question those in power over American soccer with. When the media fails to ask these deeper more meaningful questions that absolutely need asked, they become willing accomplices to whatever plan those in power have put in place.

Currently it seems that nowhere in the entire ecosystem of soccer in the United States is there being pressure applied to the leaders of the game.

The question I have today is...

Does American soccer media have a single writer, TV pundit, or even big time blogger who consistently challenges the power structure of American soccer?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

If not now, when?

We all know American soccer needs to change. It seems that almost weekly the spotlight is being shown on a "new" problem (that has existed for years) somewhere in the American soccer structure/culture.

My questions is ... Why are so many people involved in American soccer scared of the deep and radical systemic change that is needed to address these issues?

Why do they keep pushing for small incremental change?

We all know that incremental change results in incremental results... Do we really want to wait "generations before we are literally playing at the level of the Premier League or Bundaliga"?

If you are fine with that... keep advocating for incremental change. For the status quo.

Unfortunately, for those of us who would like to see positive movement relatively quickly for American soccer, too many involved in the leadership of the sport, the media, and a multitude of very vocal (on social media) fans incorrectly believe that small incremental change will deliver radically different results.

Only sweeping reforms are going to deliver the kind of radically different results that all of us want to see in our lifetime.

Incremental change will never do this.

So why do these leaders, media members, and fans keep fighting against this sweeping reform?


The one thing we can stop being scared of ... that soccer as a "major" sport in the United States will go away. It is here to stay. Soccer is going to remain on TV. It is going to remain being played by millions of children and adults every week. It will remain a pro sport. It will remain in your city and town. It is not going away. We will not return to the "Dark Ages" so many are scared of.

If we change the way soccer is governed in this country. Soccer is not going away.

If we have an open and inclusive pyramid put in place. Soccer is not going away.

If clubs are paid Training Compensation and Solidarity Payments. Soccer is not going away.

If the youth soccer "travel and tournament" structure is affected by the addition of 100's of Adult clubs having academies that are free or very low cost. Soccer is not going away. 

If merit starts to decide which players play in the best academies not parental wallet size. Soccer is not going away.

If the entirety of the adult amateur soccer system in the country is restructured and able to move up and down on sporting merit and is connected to the pro game. Soccer is not going away.

If billionaire owners are no longer allowed to buy new spots in the 1st Division of the sport for $150M dollars. Soccer is not going away.

We can keep going with this list of things that if they are addressed in sweeping reform all at once... none of it will kill soccer.

Right now soccer is growing at every level even while being structurally choked off all the way from the top down. What will happen to the sport when proper leadership makes the changes that we all know are needed?

The sleeping giant that is US Soccer will awaken.

Keep speaking up. Use #ProRelForUSA on all of your social media platforms when talking about any of these issues and keep the pressure on those who can make the change.

Monday, July 3, 2017

When do they start to ask the hard questions?

Normally when I sit down to write a blog post I have a starting point perfectly worked out in my head. A stat, a document, some figures, an article I've read... something.

Today I have nothing but a feeling. The feeling that the soccer press in the US is failing the fans of the sport in this country.

I say this not to point an accusatory finger at any person in particular, any publication in general, or even broadly at the entirety of the media business. Just to say that at some point soccer in the US needs a media that is more than cheerleaders of the sport, reporters of game results, and prognosticators of future National Team lineups. We need a media that digs deep and finds out the "Why" behind all of the business dealings in the sport. The "Who" is behind those reasons. The "How" did these people make the decisions happen.

After my recent post about SUM valuation compared to MLS team worth a screen capture of the Soccer United Marketing Wikipedia page has started to float around Twitter.

Why has this series of relationships and manipulation of policy by USSF not been a much larger story concerning the business of soccer in the United States?

If this was going on at FIFA it would be the largest sports story in the world and would have reporters digging in to every relationship and business dealing by every board member of the Ex-Co. Why is this level of scrutiny not levied at USSF Board of Directors members and top level employees as well? What is it going to take before the effects of this collusive relationship by MLS/USSF are explored and we find out if it is actually having the negative ramifications on clubs outside of MLS that many USSF reformists think that it is?

CONCACAF was allowed free reign outside of media scrutiny on their multi million dollar deals right here in our backyard for decades and it gave us Chuck Blazer.

How long is our free press going to allow all of these USSF and MLS business dealings to remain cloaked in secrecy?

When do they start to ask the hard questions?

Friday, June 30, 2017

How much of the MLS expansion fee is for the team?

As anybody following the business side of American soccer knows (and we've discussed) MLS started Soccer United Marketing (SUM) to help diversify its income streams and capitalize on the growing market for soccer in this country. Private equity firm Providence Equity bought a 25% stake in SUM in 2012 for $150m. MLS for the last several years had been attempting to purchase back this 25% stake... recently they were able to make this happen.

According to Bloomberg (READ IT HERE) Providence Equity tripled their initial investment when selling their shares back to MLS.

Providence Equity Partners has sold its interest in Major League Soccer’s media and marketing arm back to the league, which is eager to capitalize on the growing interest in U.S. soccer around the world.
The private equity firm tripled its initial investment in Soccer United Marketing, according to people familiar with the accounting. Providence paid $150 million for a 25 percent stake in 2012. Six teams have joined MLS since then, diluting Providence’s original share.

This $450,000,000 price tag for a diluted portion of SUM puts its valuation to at least $2.25 BILLION dollars (that figure was achieved not accounting for dilution created by LAFC or Miami which may have already happened that would drive the overall valuation higher). This chart created by @RandomBlackRain on Twitter shows how much per team this figure equates to.

As we can see currently a 22 team league puts SUM's value at over $100,000,000 per team.

With reported Real Salt Lake $10M, Toronto FC $10M, Portland $34M, Montreal $40M, Orlando City $70M, Minnesota United FC $100M, and New York City FC $100M expansion fee payments some investors have already made quite the ROI with just their equity in SUM.

The argument often times made by those wanting to keep the current league structure is that "owners who paid this huge expansion fee for their team will lose tons of money".

I think we can plainly see that owners at this point actually are not paying the huge fee to buy a team... they are paying a huge fee to buy in to SUM. The current LAFC expansion fee price of $110m would make the team itself cost less than $13,000,000.

USSF right now can step in and outlaw the single entity structure of MLS in the US open up the pyramid and that would require a separation of the 1st Division MLS and SUM. This separation would allow current investors in MLS to retain BILLIONS of dollars in equity via their ownership stake in a newly spun off and highly profitable SUM. They would also retain ownership in an independently controlled 1st Division soccer team that they would be free to sell on the open market to any other investor if they were not interested in retaining ownership of an open system team.

This seems like a Win/Win for soccer in the United States AND the business of the sport.

Initial investors in MLS who helped to prop the league up during its lean years now own a multi-billion dollars sports marketing company and retain ownership of their independent 1st Division soccer teams. New and old investors in the lower divisions of the sport would also now have the ability to grow their teams and achieve sporting glory by making it to the 1st Division.

I would love to hear your opinion in the comments or on social media using the #ProRelForUSA hashtag.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Why is Jermaine Jones wearing a Chicarito jersey worthy of conversation but...

Earlier this week Jason Davis of Sirius XM radio had a conversation on his show about Jermaine Jones wearing a Chicharito Mexican National Team jersey...

My question is, why is this worthy of discussion but USSF Board member Don Garber's MLS owned Soccer United Marketing making millions of dollars for the Mexican Federation via promoting Mexican NT games on US soil and selling loads of sponsorships for the FMF isn't worthy of discussion?

Which one is actually an issue (if either of them are) that is worthy of discussion by #USMNT fans?

A US Men's National Team player wearing another great players jersey who happens to play for Mexico?


A sitting USSF Board member via his "day job" sending millions of dollars to a competing CONCACAF Federation by selling their product on our home soil?

Would love to hear your opinion in the comments or on social media. Make sure you use the #ProRelForUSA hashtag!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Would you care more about the top division?

Myself and many others out there have speculated that American soccer also having competing leagues instead of just competing clubs adds an extra layer of division for soccer fans in the United States (and Canada) that doesn't exist in nations with a single unified pyramid. Recently the Supporter Groups for Promotion and Relegation fan group ran an unscientific Twitter poll that appears to prove just that point.

While obviously the followers of this group lean heavily toward being Open Pyramid supporters they also lean heavily toward being lower division soccer fans and the exact group of people that this splitting of loyalties would most affect.

This polling data shows that it is not even close and these two tweets provide a perfect synopsis of how many feel.

This leads to the pretty simple question and answer...

Why should soccer fans in this nation be investing time and energy in to keeping up with teams in leagues outside of the one that the club/franchise that they support competes in?

Right now there is no reason for them to do so... 90% of the over 200 respondents said that unification of the entire pyramid gives them a reason to follow the top division. This unification gives fans of EVERY club a reason to be invested in the entire pyramid, not just the league that the club they support currently play in.

We would love to hear your opinion on this in the comments or on social media. Use the #ProRelForUSA hashtag and join in.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New #ProRelForUSA Flakoglost podcast

Take some time and check out the #Flakoglost podcast put on by NonLeague Colorado. These guys do a great job with all of their interviews. I greatly appreciate them having me on. We talk a wide range of topics concerning #ProRelForUSA including player development, 4th/5th/6th division restructuring, animosity online between reformist and status quo seekers, and more.

Give it a listen at the link below

Monday, May 15, 2017

Chris Kessell on FarPostFooty podcast

I was blessed to talk to Jon Townsend on the FarPostFooty podcast last week about our efforts here in Charleston, WV building a Futsal Court, plans for the future, and the growth of the pick up soccer culture since then.

If you aren't happy with soccer culture... go build it in the streets. The game is free. Go play it.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

What could opening the pyramid potentially do to lower division media rights deals?

One of the most common items I feel that isn't discussed about an opening of the pyramid and the implementation of #ProRelForUSA is the sheer amount of domestic soccer that would be available to be packaged for broadcast from one source.

Lets just use our imagination right now and think of the first steps of building the pyramid from the bottom up. Something like what USASA is attempting to do right now with D4/5/6 being tied together under one roof and take it one step further with a professional D3 on top of it ran by USSF when it came time to try to monetize this media.

This would provide the potential for 2,500+ games to any broadcaster out there. Locally important, regionally important and evntually nationally important games not to mention the types of promotion and relegation story lines not seen in any other sporting setting in the country. We now would have in my opinion the potential for a very unique media deal...

One involving a streaming platform that could host dozens of games per week, highlight shows, analysis, etc wrapped around a website offering coverage of the entire base of the pyramid that would engage fans bases from every community in the country. Smarter people than myself could figure out whether an on demand ESPN3/Netflix/Amazon style system/partnership or some sort of hybrid between a traditional broadcast channel offering other content in addition to what is broadcasting would be the most effective system to engage the fans of these clubs and soccer in general.

No other sports media property could offer this many markets, this many teams, this many games, and this much content all in one place. Housing these media rights under one roof and distributing the profits back to the clubs could do more to stabilize lower division independent club soccer than any thing at any point in American soccer before it.

Mix this with an in house marketing company to sell sponsorships, advertising, and create partnerships on the national and regional level and we have what could be an increasingly lucrative plan for lower division soccer.

We also can't leave out what the upward growth of this open pyramid will do. As we see the strengthening of the base of the pyramid and the growth toward a federation controlled D2 and then an alternate D1 this unique story line of the building a true national pyramid would be one of the largest general sports stories in the United States in some time. This story also has the ability to finally engage millions of casual soccer (and sports) fans in a way nothing other than the world cup does currently.

I think the potential for huge growth is there... now can we have the leaders of soccer in this country find the political will to unify the base of the pyramid and the partner necessary to put this plan in motion?

Let us know your opinion in the comments or on social media using the #ProRelForUSA hashtag.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Two easy ways to join in on #ProRelWeek

Our friends at ProRelForUSA.com delivered two great ways to join in on #ProRelWeek today!

First, an inexpensive 2ft x 8ft banner that you can get printed up to display at your local game during the week (and all season).

and secondly, a great "Patch at the Park" to display on social media from the games you attend.

Make sure you use the #ProRelWeek hashtag when you post your pictures of your displays of support for systemic change while at games from May 6th to the 13th!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Why do US soccer fans worry so much about Attendance and TV numbers?

Last night I had the chance to check out the great World Soccer Talk podcast concerning soccer TV numbers in the United States. I actually listened to two episodes... high quality and informative podcasts.

I've read a multitude of articles about MLS attendance being up... TV numbers being what they are... and some great analysis of both.


I even saw this tweet telling people to quit worrying about attendance.

My question now is... Why do US soccer fans worry so much about Attendance and TV numbers?

I think the answer is pretty simple... the powers that be in US soccer have decided that the business of soccer is what matter when it comes to advancing your team up the pyramid and keeping them there.

If your team under performs business wise in MLS... you go away ie: Chivas USA, Miami Fusion, and Tampa Bay Mutiny.

If your team clicks off all the business metrics (and cuts the check) you get a chance to move up the pyramid. This even comes directly from USSF with its increasing market size and ownership net worth requirements at each high level of pro soccer.

The fans are going to put value on what ever the owners and Federation tell them is valuable. Right now the business of soccer is much more important than any on the field results. Having a city willing to spend millions upon millions of dollars to publicly fund a stadium in the right part of town, in the right size TV market, with the right lower division attendance figures, with the right demographics concerning median wages of its citizens, and the right size pocketbook of its ownership group is MUCH more valuable than any on field result will ever be.

Why should fans NOT concern themselves with all of these off the field metrics when those are actually what decide if you get to move up the pyramid or even stay in the pyramid... when we can all plainly see that is all that matters?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Who should control US soccer's lower divisions?

The Supporters Group for Promotion and Relegation Twitter page recently ran a poll asking who should control the lower divisions of US soccer.

With the recent USL 3rd Division announcement, the even more recent Soc Takes NASL 3rd Division article, and our previously covered 4th/5th/6th Division USASA reform ideas it is interesting to see who the fans of the lower divisions of the game would like to see be "in charge" of the lowest divisions of the game.

With both USL and NASL both making plays to control the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Divisions of American soccer right now is maybe the most important time in recent history for lower division soccer in the country.

Not surprisingly to us, a majority of the respondents would like to see USSF/USASA control the lowest divisions of the soccer pyramid going forward. Hopefully the leadership at USASA will listen and take control of the 4th/5th/6th divisions of US soccer and work with USSF to create a Federation controlled 3rd Division. Will there ever be an opportunity this clear for actual reform to such a large part of the pyramid? We're not sure... but the majority of fans would love to see you not miss this chance to do something!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Player development thoughts post MIC in Spain

These are the thoughts of two soccer development people I admire on Twitter post MIC in Spain...

It is very important to look at player development in the global context if we ever hope to move beyond what already exists in the soccer landscape of the United States. Here are two guys who just witnessed it first hand.


And second

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Does Soccer in America need more than one pyramid?

Thank you Craig Gembecki (Follow him on Twitter here) for reaching out and asking to have his multi-pyramid regionally divided national league system idea hosted on the blog...

As usual... let us know what you think in the comments and use #ProRelForUSA on social media when discussing the subject!

Craig Gembecki
April 3, 2017

Does Soccer in America Need More than One Pyramid?

It’s been a relatively great couple of weeks for the #ProRelForUSA contingent. First, Australia’s
lower league clubs clapped back on the A-League as they look to break away from a FIFA
sanctioned monopoly across the globe. And then we hear that the USL in America is
considering a path for a lower division pro/rel system. On the surface, both are great because
they are forcing people who would otherwise avoid the topic at all costs to discuss it openly. For
me though, and I can’t help but be a contrarian, I’ve noticed a blind spot in the conversation as it
pertains to America: geography. Until that becomes the centerpiece of any pro/rel conversation,
I think we’re leading ourselves down a path that we cannot sustain.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The time is now for USSF and USASA to step up

I had been formulating this article for a while but with today's announcement of USL creating a new 3rd Division league to go along with their current 2nd Division one (and a potential competitor to SUM in their media company)...


It seems like the perfect time to lay out why RIGHT NOW is the perfect time for the USSF to create an independent directly USSF sanctioned Division 3 league outside of the influence of the For Profit league structure currently in place for professional soccer in the United States.

1) There is not currently a Division 3 league in the United States. The jump from the Amateur/Semi-Pro "Division 4" leagues to USL/NASL is a huge one. There needs to be an intermediary step for clubs to grow in to as they progress up the pyramid.

2) A Federation sanctioned and administered Division 3 league will greatly reduce start up and operational costs for clubs as it can be "Expansion Fee" free and additional "League Fees" free (above already instituted USSF professional league fees). Reduction of costs for clubs allows them more wiggle room when it comes to budgetary concerns and allows for an overall strengthening of the entire division of soccer through the investment of that capital in to clubs instead of it being removed via fees.

3) With the league being administered without the necessary pressures of expansion fee and league fee creation the Federation's 3rd Division can operate with the interests of its member clubs being the sole reason to make decisions. Making these decisions based on the best interests of clubs in the United States instead of the desire of the owners for profit generation by the league will be a positive for all the clubs involved. Often times, these two decision making processes do not see eye to eye.

4) Placing control of the 3rd Division with the Federation removes any desire for the league to exert pressure on USSF to gain some sort of competitive advantage in the marketplace over other leagues. This also gives the Division 3 a high level of stability for clubs to grow and invest in.

5) Every item listed so far can also be directly applied to USASA concerning a full season Division 4 and 5 allowing an integrated national League and Non-League structure to start to be put in place. It is important that we move away from the For Profit league system in the amateur and semi-pro soccer divisions as well.

5) Having USSF and USASA controlling the Division 3/4/5 and the State Associations having control over Division 6 and lower will allow great ease in the future for integration of the entire pyramid with #ProRelForUSA.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of reasons why it is important for both the USSF to control the Division 3 level of the pyramid and for USASA to control the Division 4 and 5 full season levels of the pyramid. I would love to hear your opinion other reasons why the Federation should take control of the 3rd Division.

Please let us know your ideas in the comment section below or on social media using the #ProRelForUSA hashtag.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Who represents you at the USSF?

As an adult player, a coach, and as a fan... who represents you at USSF?

I hadn't really thought about this until recently. Watching the proceedings of the USSF AGM in Hawaii from afar I was struck by the idea that most people in the US don't really know who actually represents them at these proceedings. As we've discussed before, systemic change in the US soccer system will come from USSF and not from leagues or clubs. It goes without saying we should know who actually can make this change happen.

Simply put, there are state associations (some large states have 2) who represent all of us with interests in the adult game at USSF.

While it is easy for us to focus on the national leadership of Sunil Gulati and Dan Flynn at USSF. We have local administrators who currently could be working hand in hand with the leadership of USASA building state leagues at the base of a true open pyramid. These same leaders could also be advocating for change in the entire system at the national level.

They get a vote!!!!

To find and then contact your local state representative to let them know we would love to see positive proactive change toward #ProRelForUSA


Monday, March 27, 2017

New #ProRelWeek video

The great people at USA Soccer TV dropped a nice #ProRelWeek video earlier this evening!

Give them a follow on Twitter and check the video out

To learn more about what #ProRelWeek is >>> READ THIS ARTICLE

If you would like to read a review of last years success >>> READ THIS ARTICLE


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bring #ProRelForUSA to US soccer petition drive

Simply put..

"Open up the sport of soccer in the U.S. to allow all clubs in all leagues to have a shot at becoming the best club in America. Let's change the status quo in the United States by allowing clubs to show their strength by their athletic ability and not by the amount of money a club has."


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Open up your imagination with us for 1:03

Take 1:03 and open up your imagination...

#ProRelForUSA Coming Soon!

2nd Annual #ProRelWeek May 6th to May 13th 2017

After the success that was last years #ProRelWeek supporters are ramping up plans for the 2nd annual event. The week features the opening round of the US Open Cup sandwiched between two MLS/NASL/USL/UPSL/CSL game weekends and the start of the PDL and NPSL seasons. Supporter groups and soccer fans in the United States and Canada are being asked to show their support for the Open Pyramid movement during matches.

Make a banner, tifo, 2 pole, pass out flyers or chant during the game... document all of it and show the world on social media using the #ProRelWeek hashtag.

Check out some pictures of last years after the break!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What can one person do to help bring about #ProRelForUSA?

A pretty common refrain from people on Twitter about the #ProRelForUSA movement is that some individuals involved in the conversation are too confrontational or worse.... 

David Rudin took the time to write an article in Paste Magazine about it >>>  READ IT HERE

"Since the #ProRelForUSA crowd is already convinced that it speaks for the majority, turning off potential allies in this way carries little cost. That strategy, however, is based on an underlying delusion. Instead of building a coalition based on shared interests, leading promotion and relegation campaigners have decided to pick fights with potential allies. This is politicking at its most ineffective."
While I disagree with much of what he wrote in the article... I actually have spoken about building bridges not burning them many times on my Twitter account and I've read many other do the exact same thing. While right now I won't get in depth in to why I disagree with some of the major points he attempts to make (the main one is he conflates a few people on Twitter to the entire movement) I think it is important to address the Twitter discussion that was spurred on from this article.

I saw many people agreeing with Mr. Rudin that they do not like the tactics of some of the most vocal Twitter supporters of the #ProRelForUSA movement. That is a perfectly acceptable response... most people don't like assholes.

How do you as just one person help counteract this? If you really do care... SPEAK UP! If these few proponents of an Open Pyramid are just a few voices out of a 1,000 voices on social media they are just going to be a small piece of the overall movements noise. Use the hashtag religiously when you are talking about the subject.

I started this blog 100 posts ago... all because I felt like there wasn't enough being written about the subject. If you would have told me during my English 101 course my Freshman year of college that I would be writing a blog that was read by 1,000 people a day I might have paid more attention...

That being said, if we allow 140 character tweets from a very vocal subset of #ProRelForUSA proponents to dominate the content being created on the subject that is our fault. Fire up the laptop and write a think piece, develop a plan, blog about an idea, make a meme... be a content creator.

If you see some content you do like... Share it to Reddit, Retweet it, put it on your Facebook wall, post it on your Instagram. Expand the reach of all of the "good people" advocating for #ProRelForUSA. Thank them for writing about the subject!!!! Don't worry if you don't agree with them 100% on every single item... if they want all clubs to have access to an Open Pyramid then we are all on the same team and can get all the particulars figured out later. We need the pressure ratcheted up NOW.

If you don't like somebody or are being Trolled... use the "BLOCK" feature on your social media. Don't expand their reach or waste your time by arguing with them.

Take a few minutes a couple of days a week and search out the people just joining the conversation and let them know you appreciate them speaking up. Introduce them to the #ProRelForUSA hashtag and ask them to continue to speak up. Let them know that every single person who speaks up is more pressure on the powers that be to open the pyramid up. Be a bridge builder and bring them to our side.

Take the movement to the stands... leagues all across the country are going to be playing games here in just a few more weeks. Make a banner, Tifo, 2 pole or even just some flyers and take them to your local clubs game and display them proudly. Take some pictures and post them online.

We as individuals can all help amplify the conversation online and in the stands. This is going to do nothing but increase pressure on the leadership of the USSF to actually do the right thing and do whats best for ALL the clubs in the United States, not just MLS. Wanting and wishing for Promotion and Relegation isn't going to make it happen.... we must fight for it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

NASL Commisioner confirms that Co-D1 is possible

In the debut Soc Takes podcast North American Soccer League interim commissioner Rishi Sehgal gives a very thorough interview about many behind the scenes issues facing and solutions for the league... he also drops this overlooked gem concerning a question many of us have had about a potential Co-D1 in the future for US Soccer.

Nipun Chopra  - Do you know or are you assuming based on the way the legality of it is written out that there can be two D2 leagues at the end of the year?

Rishi Sehgal - We have had conversations with US Soccer about the sanctioning process in the past and they have been very clear that as long as the league meets the standards then they are under an obligation to sanction them at that level.

As we have discussed in the past a Co-D1 set up for the US Soccer Pyramid can be a way toward an open pyramid. This quote seems to finally put to bed the question of whether or not a Co-D1 set up is actually possible under USSF's sanctioning process.

Listen to the entire interview below

New owner of the NY Cosmos speaks up for #ProRelForUSA

New owner of NASL's NY Cosmos Rocco Commisso spoke up and spoke out today at the NY Cosmos media day in favor of systemic change in US soccer and #ProRelForUSA...

“Did anyone see the Minneapolis game where they lost 7-1 [scoreline was actually 6-1]? This is exactly what I’m talking about. Because they paid $100M with another $150M for the stadium, Minneapolis got to the MLS, right? Well, the Cosmos won the championship. In other countries, all over Europe, South America, so on, the Cosmos should be moving up to the MLS, not Minneapolis. I think Minneapolis was the eighth-ranked team in the MLS [NASL] last year, out of twelve; we were number one.”


Watch the entire press conference below.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Do you remember when nobody thought CFB would have playoffs?

It wasn't too long ago when the standard answer to fans calls for a D1 NCAA College Football Playoff was "It is never going to happen". The reasoning was usually... too much money from the bowls... too much history... the good old boy network.... etc. etc. etc.

Well you know what? The fans eventually won out when the public pressure led TV partners to figure out how they could make more money off of a playoff than the bowls.

Right now the calls for USSF to switch from the closed league system that we are currently using in the United States and Canada are becoming more and more frequent from not only the fans but from  media sources nationwide.

The Daily Californian published a very solid piece today calling for #ProRelForUSA...

Why not follow the European model and integrate relegation and promotion? Have a certain number of bad teams descend to a second division, and have some of those teams in those leagues ascend. It would give opportunities for division II teams that have an established fan base get involved at a much bigger stage.
read it here >>>   "MLS should change a flawed system".

Not too long ago Roy Bragg in the San Antonio Express News wrote a great piece challenging whether or not MLS is even worth it for cities who want professional soccer. He also calls for guess what? #ProRelForUSA
There is a simple and faster way for SA or any other city to move up to MLS, but none of the apparatchiks at the U.S. Soccer Federation or MLS, nor bandwagon fans, want to hear it.
The answer? Promotion/Relegation.
That system sets up a hierarchy of national leagues, from Tier I down to semi-pro. The worst teams in a division are paid a tidy sum to drop down a tier, while the best teams in lower tiers move up one notch


In the past we've covered articles in Chicago and Sacramento calling for the same reform. These are just two more in what is becoming a regular call for systemic reform by the media in the United States. It feels like we are on the path to where writers are going to starting calling an Opening of the Pyramid a "When we do this" not a "If we do this".

Just like happened for College Football and the playoffs...